Sample FIles by Chapter

These are the files that go with the tutorials in the book arranged by chapter – all downloads are zip archives so you will need appropriate software for your computer platform. These image files are copyrighted; they are intended for your private use in learning the techniques presented in this book. You are permitted to manipulate them and print them to check how well you did. You may not publish them in any way, including posting them online, sharing them, or allowing any reproduction beyond what you need for your own private use. 

Chapter-1 RAW files

Chapter-2 Lighting Examples

Chapter-3 Sample FIles

Chapter-4 Sample FIles

Chapter-5 Sample FIles

Chapter-6 Sample Files

Chapter-7 Sample Files

First Edition Sample FIles

I've collected all of the original sample files that were on the CD in the book cover. These include the layered PSD finished files as well as other reference material. Some of the same images are used in both editions so there is still some benefit to downloading these image files for the ambitious photographer.

  • Chapter-2
    Raw Files, RGB ColorChecker files plus some older PDF tutorials - A fairly large download..
  • Chapter-3
    The basic portrait lighting dialgrams, printable as reference cards.
  • Chapter-4
    Tutorial and sample images from the chapter on color correction
  • Chapter-5
    Tutorial Images for grayscale conversion, luminosity blending and toning effects - original Tiff files as well as finished layered PSDs.
  • Chapter-6
    Retouching tutorial images. Layered PSD files contain the unretouched version in the background - this is another big download.
  • Chapter-7
    The finished soft-focus tutorial image contains all the different diffusion effects as layer groups, clearly labeled, which you can turn on or off. This tutorial image has more diffusion variation version than the current edition so it might be worth it to download just for this reason.The Blur background bokeh starting point image has an Alpa channel mask already prepared as well as the path to make the mask. The lens-tilt image has an Overlay Blur layer on top for the final effect - you can turn this off to see the regular version. Another big download.
  • Chapter-8
    The tutorial images for the sharpening techniques are provided as full layered PSDs. All of the correction layers for the swordsman are included. Even though I don't specificly go through all the steps in the book, you can deconstruct the layers to see how I made the corrections. A big download.

All the sample files for the first edition of the Skin book - everything that was included on the CD in the book cover. Some of the same images are used in both books and there are layered PSD files here so its probably worth investigating if you only have the 2nd edition of the book. 

Skin Textures

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