Digital Chiaroscuro

Creating Atmospheric Effects in Photoshop

A special preview PDF

This project takes advantage of various Photoshop techniques to create atmospheric effects that create a sense of space and distance to separate foreground figures and objects from the background. We will use paths, selections, alpha channels, layer masks, layer opacity, layer apply modes, curves adjustments, hue/saturation adjustments and the “Clouds filter” to create the new image below. The only prerequisite is that you should be able to make an accurate selection for the foreground fi gures using the pen tool. I am preparing a new revised version of this tutorial that incorporates the Shadow/Highlight adjustment feature of Photoshop CS – I should have the new tutorial available in a couple of weeks – in the mean time this short preview is available for free!


This 15 page PDF covers many techniques used in combination to achieve an overall effect, including:

Using the Pen Tool to create masks & selections
Alpha channels & layer masks
Grouping layers to control effects
Layer apply modes
Curves & Hue/Saturation adjustment layers
Using the "Clouds" filter

Download Free Preview Tutorial

Download Tutorial Image